U-1059 was sunk March 19, 1944 by VC-6 aircraft of USS Block Island

Aft view of mid body of G7E torpedo from U-1059 recovered by USS Corry at the scene of the sinking



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Naval message from CTG 21.16 (Block Island) to COMINCH, CINCLANT
Photographs of the torpedo recoverd by USS Corry
Report on TG 21.16 German Prisoners of War Taken 17 March from U-boat X-U-G
Track Charts from TG 21.16 Cruise Report
Atlantic Fleet ASW Unit, Analysis of Anti-Submarine Action by Aircraft
Report on the Interrogation of Survivors from U-1059
Navy Department, Memorandum to the Press, Adventure of ENS M. E. Fitzgerald, U.S.N.R.
LTJG Norman Dowty photographs and Award citations