Photos taken from LT Stapler's TBF

Photo #1 - LT Stapler's DBs strike water to port U-117 - note mineshafts visible on the bow of the U-boat

Photo #2 - DCs explode obscuring the conning tower

Photo #3  Height of DC plume

Photo #4  Aftermath of LT Stapler's DC explosions - strafing from LTJG Jackson F4F-4 just prior to LTJG Forney's DC attack

Photo #5  LTJG Forney's DCs splash on U-117 starboard quarter

Photo #6  LTJG Forney's DCs exploding

Photo #7  Aftermath of 2nd and thrid DC attacks - F4F-4 flying over U-117

Photo #8 - Strafing after DB attacks