Telegraphic Address: -
Telephone Nos.: -     10th August 1945.                 FIFE.
        1324-7  DUNFERMLINE .
          342-4  INVERKEITHING .
         20614  EDINBUROUGH .
. .
                With reference to Admiralty Letter M/A.U.D.2074/45 dated 2nd August, 1945, be pleased to inform Their Lordships that the report of Operations of U.2326 from 19th April to 19th May, 1945, has been read with considerable interest.
        2.     Amongst a number of valuable lessons which may be learned from this report, the necessity of having an adequate number of Radar plots along the coast, operated by highly trained personnel, stands out crystal clear.
                In this connection, it is pointed out that a gap on the Radar chain in the East Coast of Scotland existed between Douglas Wood and Rosehearty.
        3.     On 23rd April, EMPIRE BEATRICE being towed by EMPIRE LARCH and THAMES were in vicinity of Aberdeen.  H.M. Trawler MACBETH sailed from Aberdeen at 2146/23 Southward to R/V with tow.
        4.     H.M.S. VALSE sailed from Methil at approximately 1500 on the 23rd April to overtake and escort EMPIRE BEATRICE.  VALSE's subsequent movements were as follows.
1856 Reported attacking U-boat in position 025 degrees 24 buoy 4 miles.
1949 Reported all charges fired.
2001 Ordered by Commander-in-Chief Rosyth, to rejoin convoy.
2110 Again ordered to rejoin convoy.
2158 Ordered to proceed to Methil owing to defects caused by explosion of depth charges which would have prevented her overtaking convoy.
        5.     It was appreciated from a series of Radar plots that VALSE was attacking the Wreck of Non Sub accurately fixed in position 560 33' N.  020 08' W. and was ordered to rejoin her valuable convoy on the strength of this.
        6.     H.M. Ships WESTMINSTER and NEWPORT searched in the vicinity until approximately 0200/24 April without result, and Aircraft P/206 co-operated.  H.M.S. WESTMINSTER arrived in position of VALSE's attack at approximately 2200B/23.
        7.     Records show that on 6th and 7th May, in Aberdeen - Peterhead area, the weather was cloudy with patches of sea fog.  Visibility was poor to moderate.  On the 8th May, in vicinity of May Island, weather conditions were bad - fog, drizzle, bad visibility with slight to moderate sea.
        8.     It would appear that the position in which U.2326 bottomed during the night of 8th/9th May in 60 metres was approximately 108 degrees May Island 1 mile 1200 yards, which would place the U-boat about 1/2 cable to Eastward of Number 14 Loop.
                                                                                                                /During . . .


- 2 -
        9.     During period 23rd April - 8th May, one escort group only operated in Rosyth Command and was employed principally in escorting coastal convoys.  Details of movements of this group and relevant air patrols are appended.



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