U-744 is boarded March 6, 1944

U-744 was forced to surface on 6 March 1944 after a 31 hour pursuit by ships of C-2 Support Group.  The crew abandoned ship.  Scuttling charges, set by the Chief Engineer, detonated but did not sink the boat.  HMCS Chilliwack and St. Catherines put over boarding parties, HMCS Chilliwack's reaching U-744 first.  Code books, signal publications and equipment were removed from the boat.  Supposedly, the bulk of these materials were lost during the transfer between the U-Boat and the destroyers.  It is unclear what materials were recovered from the boat.  U-744 was sunk by torpedo from HMS Icarus after unsuccessful attempts to tow her to port.

U-744 surfaced and boarded by HMCS Chilliwack and St. Catherines - the White Ensign can be seen draped on the top of the conning tower fairing

Survivors of U-744 are rescued

Ships of Support Group C-2 surround U-744




U-744 sinking as whaleboats remove the boarding party