USS Menges hit by a T5 fired by U-371 on the night of May 2-3, 1944

USS Menges the morning after she was torpedoed. This photo was taken before the most damaged part of her stern was cut away.

USS Menges arrives in Algiers on May 4, 1944

USS Menges arrives in Algiers on May 4, 1944

USS Menges and ex USS Holder arrive in drydock at New York. Note USS Menges' temporary stern.

USS Holder's Story

        After completion of her shakedown cruise, Holder departed March 24, 1944 escorting a convoy bound for Mediterranean ports. Proceeding along the coast of Algeria, the convoy was followed 10 and 11 April by German planes and, just before midnight 11 April, it was attacked by torpedo bombers. Holder and the other escorts immediately opened fire and began making smoke, but a torpedo struck the escort vessel amidships on the port side, causing two heavy explosions. Though fires spread and flooding was serious, Holder's crew remained at their guns to drive off the attackers without damage to the convoy. Alert damage control kept the ship seaworthy and she arrived in tow at Oran for repairs. There it was decided to tow her to New York, where she arrived safely 9 June 1944. She decommissioned at New York Navy Yard 13 September 1944, and the after part of her hull was used to repair destroyer escort MENGES (DE-320). The remainder was sold for scrap to John A. Witte, Station Island, N.Y., 19 June 1947

From the “Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships,” (1968) Vol. 3, pp.344-345

USS Menges temporary stern is removed and she is prepared to receive ex USS Holder's stern

Ex USS Holder's stern is detached and moved across to line up with USS Menges

Ex USS Holder (DE-401) and USS Menges (DE-320) in drydock