These photos of U-410 and her crew were generously made available by Nicolas Bracco of Argentina.  They originally belonged to Oberleutnant zur See Gerhard Peters, who was IIWO and later IWO on U-410.  He later commanded U-1198. 
        U-410 made two patrols under her first Commander, Kapitänleutnant Kurt Sturm.  Oberleutnant zur See Horst Arno Fenski assumed command on 5 February 1943 and after a patrol in the Atlantic he took the boat to the Mediterranean and made 4 more patrols before the boat was heavily damaged in an air raid in Toulon in March 1944.  Fenski and much of her crew took over U-371 and made one patrol during which the boat was sunk by US forces.

U-410 is commissioned under Kapitänleutnant Kurt Sturm

23 February 1942 - Danziger Werft A.G., Danzig.  U-410 just prior to her commissioning ceremony.  Note the temporary bow cap to protect the boat from the ice.  In the background, two unfinished boats are visible beneath wooden structures that conceal them from aerial observation.

High ranking officers and yard officials attending the commissioning ceremony

The crew standing in formation on deck.  On the far right is the Commander, Kapitänleutnant Kurt Sturm.  First man in the row to the left of Sturm is Oberleutnant (Ing.) Friedrich Rachnerthe, the LI; behind him is IWO Alois König and at the back is IIWO Gerhard Peters.  The man to the left of the LI may be Obersteuermann Fritz Ufermann.

The crew is assembled on deck moments before the start of the commissioning ceremony

The crew at parade rest, the ceremony is about to begin - From left to right in the front row: Kapitänleutnant Kurt Sturm, Oberleutnant (Ing.) Friedrich Rachnerthe, IWO Alois König and IIWO Gerhard Peters. 

The crew and guests salute as the boat is placed in commission.  Gerhard wrote on the back "Hoist flag and pennant.  I stand on the left of the front row".  Note the UAK symbol on the conning tower

U-410 in La Spezia under Oberleutnant zur See Horst Arno Fenski

7 August 1943 - La Spezia.   Oberleutnant zur See Horst Arno Fenski addresses his crew moments before U-410 leaves for it's fifth patrol.  Fenski sank two Liberty ships from Convoy UGS-14 for a total of 14,436 tons during this 24 day patrol.


Leutnant zur See Gerhard Peters



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