U-664 POWs were transfered from USS Borie to USS Card on August 10, 1943, the day after the sinking - here a wounded POW is transfered in a stretcher


A wounded POW is followed by the Ship's Surgeon CDR Marion T. Rosser

U-664's Engineer Officer, Leutnant (Ing) Martin, steps out of a cargo bag

A meal is served on the mess deck

Surgeon CDR Giddings tends a POW's right arm  -  Ship's Surgeon CDR Rosser serves as anesthetist

34 of the 44 U-664 POWs pose for the camera on the carrier's Hangar Bay - the caption notes that the man wearing glasses spoke english fluently -  this was Artilleriemaat Peter Doerell, one of the two radio intelligence operatives aboard U-664


Annotated I.D. photos of U-664 POWs







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