U-761 was attacked by a PBY-5A of VP-63 and the destroyers HMS Wishart and Anthony, on February 24, 1944


Crew chief Earl Taebert and LT Howard Baker beam at U-boat silhouette on their Catalina



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ASW-6 report from VP-63
Photographs from attacking aircraft
ASW-6 report from VB-127
Photographs of VP-63 operations in North Africa
Enclosure "C" to S.O.(I) Gibraltar's R.S. 69/36/24 of 27th February, 1944, Report of Interrogation of Commanding Officer of German U-boat U-761 Destroyed by H.M.S. Anthony in Straits of Gibraltar, 24th February, 1944
Op-16-Z, Questions for P/W Ex - U-761
Op-16-Z, Spot Item, Attempted Passage Through the Straits of Gibraltar
Report on the Interrogation of Survivors of U-761