Photos of U858 and her Crew Arriving off Cape May, New Jersey on the morning of May 14, 1945

USS Pillsbury and Pope escort U-858

The formation is met by an armada of aircraft and small craft

Taken from USS Pillsbury, the rescue tug ATR-57 joins the formation for the transfer of personnel

Pillsbury's small boat is used to move personnel between U-858, the escorting DEs and small craft from shore

An overhead shot of transfer operations from an airship.  Kapitänleutnant Thilo Bode, U-858's Commander, ordered the barrels of the anti-aircraft weapons removed.

K-type airship overhead - USS Pope in the background

This photo from an airship, offers a good view of U-858's cut-away bow.  This feature improved the diving time of the Type IX boat

Taken from the rescue tug ATR-57 - CDR Norfleet who accepted U-858's formal surrender is at right

Taken from ATR-57 as she came alongside Pillsbury - U-858 crewmen assembled at the rail for transfer

U-858 crewmen and their Red Cross packages transfer from Pillsbury to ATR--57

CDR Noorfleet accepts formal surrender of U-858 from her Commanding Officer, Kapitänleutnant Thilo Bode - LT Robert H. Braun interprets

Kapitänleutnant Thilo Bode

Marines guard U-858 crewmen aboard ATR-57

Kapitänleutnant Thilo Bode chats with LT Robert H. Braun

U-858 is brought to anchor at Cape Henlopen, Delaware, just off Fort Miles where U-858's crew was landed

U-858 at anchor, a Coast Guard HNS-1 Helicopter is overhead with a Sub Chaser in the background

U-858 crewmen are put ashore at Fort Miles where custody of the POWs is transferred to the Army

U-858's crew assembles in formation



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