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This website presents records and photographs from the battle between Germany's U-boats and Allied       anti-submarine forces during World War II.
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5 June 2015

The KTB for U-307's 9th patrol was added to the KTB pages.  The boat supported the establishment of Arctic weather station "Haudegen"

15 June 2015

Added records of U-160 including attack reports, KTBs for the boat's 3rd, 4th and and final patrols and the Wehrpaß of Leo Starzecki, the cook aboard U-160.

15 June 2015

The KTB for U-69's 3rd patrol was added to the KTB pages.  The boat sank the neutral American ship SS Robin Moor and laid mines off Lagos and Takoradi.

2 August 2015

Report on Divers Examination by Commander Submarines Atlantic added to the U-853 records

12 August 2015

The Interrogation Report for the survivors of U-202 was added to the British Reports pages.

10 November 2015

Translation of a July 1944 report from Admiral Dönitz to training agencies and U-boaters with theoretical considerations on the employment of the Type XXI boat.

25 December 2015 Added records of U-164 including the Wehrpaß of Maschinenobergefreiter Josef Buchholz and the KTBs for the boat's 1st and 2nd patrols.
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